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Tragelaphus scriptus



Small antelope, slight spiral to shortish horns in male only, variable in colour from red to dark brown. Mostly whitish spots toward back end of animal. All have white collar mark to base of neck and some white under chin if in doubt look for white band to inside of upper front legs and some white to inner thigh of rear legs.




Beisa Oryx



Oryx gazella



There are a number of species of oryx in Africa but we concern ourselves here with those that may be encountered in Southern Africa namely the Gemsbok and fringed eared. The Beisa oryx is found in the north as far as Ethiopia and is very similar to the Gemsbok but lacks the black rump and belly and flank marking of the Gemsbok.



Fringe eared Oryx-like a pale Oryx with long ear tufts.Addax almost white with twisted horns.Scimitar horned gazelle is white with sandy red shoulders neck and face and backward curved Scimitar shaped horns.




Sable Antelope



Hippotragus niger



Male is jet black with long backward curving horns white belly and rear thighs, white face with black eye stripe from horns to muzzle. Females lack the heavy horns and look

similar to Roan antelope but are more red in colour with a brown eye stripe and much smaller horns backward curved.



Males should not be confused with any other antelope, female could be confused with Roan antelope which is less sandy (more purple red or roan)



Roan Antelope




Hippo equinus



Reddish coloured black and white faced. Small backward curved horns. Thick mane from back of head to just past shoulders This animal has very long mule like ears compared to its size, young Roan looking too small for their ears! Quite easy to confuse this animal with a female sable until experienced.



Female Sable Antelope.