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Xerus inauris




Hyrax Or Dassie



Provcavia capensis






Manis temmincki



There are about 4 types of Pangolin occurring in Africa however the Temninks is the one most usually found in southern Africa. Looking like an animated pine cone this animal eats both ants and termites by breaking into their mounds or nests and licking them up with its long thin tongue, it then crushes them on the underside of its mouth as it has no teeth and swallows them. This pangolin is terrestrial, usually nocturnal and solitary. Shuffles along on its back feet.




Could only be confused with another pangolin.



Varying in size the southern ground squirrel averages 60cm long of which 20cm may be tail.

Varies in colour from fawn to grey dependant on habitat this animal has small ears and a large bushy tail which it often uses as a parasol to give protection from the sun whilst foraging for its favourite foods of roots, tubers, bulbs, insects seeds etc. Digs its own burrowsand is rarely found too far from cover, usually terrestrial and diurnal.



Although there are a approx five different species of Hyrax they can be basically split into two groups, the rock hyrax and the tree hyrax. All are small guinea pig type animals with rough coats and small feet. There is a gland present on the back surrounded by longer hair. These animal use common latrines over many years and the build up of residues has been used by indigenous people for the cure of various ailments. Feeds on plants, bark, fruit etc. This animal is the favourite prey of the Verraux eagle.