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Generally places of very low annual rainfall and arid for most of the year. Very limited in vegetation which would tend to be succulents, cacti and similar drought hardy plants, little water or soil.








Mixed woodland or forest consisting of trees and larger shrubs with some ground cover and open areas containing grasses.








Typical mountainous areas and steep cliffs rather than large hills or moorland.



Rock outcrops







Rocky outcrops, koppes, stony slopes, large hilly areas

open moorland etc,




Grass land




Large open areas of open grassland with little in the way of large areas of trees, some shrubs and occasional ground cover.



Mixed scrub land




Mixture of large trees, shrubs, perennial plants, ground cover etc with open areas containing grasses etc.



Riverine areas and flood plains




River margins, marshes, reed beds, pans, small lakes and water holes etc. These areas are place that normally have standing or running water in some or another for most of the year.



All habitats




Found in all of the above preceding habitats.



Active during the day



Usually active by day. By day we mean in the early hours of the morning and evening as most animals in Africa take a rest and try to find shade during the hottest periods of the day, however day light hours are the period to see these animals.



Active at night



Usually active by night. These animals are more likely to be active at night during the hours of darkness. Some make start their activities at dusk and be seen in just after sunrise but they generally prefer the cover of darkness. Many will be seen during the day on overcast days or in areas of very low disturbance.



Active day and night



Active by both day and night or sometimes by night in disturbed areas and by night and day in undisturbed areas.